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You want to access EV charging everywhere in France with your KiWhi Pass?

Follow these steps and order your card within 2 minutes! Foreign-users Step 1 :Click here

Step 2 : Fill in your personal informations as follow

  • DATE DE NAISSANCE - Your birth date
  • DEPARTEMENT DE NAISSANCE – Please enter exactly this information : 53
  • ADRESSE - Your address
  • COMPLEMENT - Your country
  • CODE POSTAL – Please enter exactly this information : 99999
  • VILLE : Etranger
  • TELEPHONE & E-MAIL - Your phone number and your e-mail address
  • MOT DE PASSE - Enter your password
  • And validate all your registered information
Step 3 :Receive your card at your personal address!
We invite you to send us on your personal address and your country of residence, in order to deliver you the KiWhi card ordered at home.
This temporary solution will not affect the quality of our services. If you decide to subscribe to KiWhi, your card will be delivered to your personal address.
If you have any issue, contact us at and we will get back to you to help you order your KiWhi Pass.